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THE RISING SUN” (Oil on canvas).
 A ray of sunlight passes through the dense and thick forest. The forests are full of vivid and vigorous life. It inspires and encourages your spirit. It starts the motor of your life. It rouses you to go all out in work, to rise with force and spirit, to enjoy the happiness of your success.


“ LIVING IN A FAIRYLAND”,( Chinese Painting)

The people who are living in flourishing cities. No matter who you are, a politician, an entrepreneur or an urban petty bourgeois. You have to tolerate the crowded cities and living in an airborne pollution environment days by days and years by years. The people yearn for another life that are painted in the work of “ LIVING IN A FAIRYLAND”.


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“ROAD” (Oil on canvas).
 There is an avenue covered with mottled shadow of trees that is expending and prolonging. How is that for similarity in the life of human being? There is a lot of road you could choose, but who could tell you the destiny and future. What you could do is that walk straight-ahead and ahead until the end of life.


“ THE HOUSE IN TIBET”. ( Chinese Painting)

The people hope for living in a natural and simple environment. So when your spirit could enter into the mood of my works, it will create you to “ Attain enlightenment”. An excellent work is just as a good doctor who could cure hundreds of sickness, it could cure your morbid mentality in your minds and it will dispel the serious illness that is incubation period, it makes your spirit glowing with health, bestirring yourself, and acting vigorously. So you could meet any challenge in your life. A healthy mind and a healthy body. You could resist any invasion of serious illness. Now please savor my works with patient.

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